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IP65 waterproof LED panel lights installed in a car washer service centre

When a panel light is designed to be IP65 waterproof, it is very amusing!
Our IP65 waterproof LED panel lights are of Structural design, no glue!

The following photos in a car washer store explain everything.

General Details
IP65 Waterproof Series of LED Panel lights by Pro 9.0 AL profile frame structure+SMD2835+3mm LGP+1.2mm Diffuser.

Green Lux IP65 waterproof LED panel light is a revolutionary product in human history.

● Superior Aluminum Alloy materials. Stylish everlasting color aluminum frame with advanced anodized and oxidation treatment.

● Advanced designing makes the ceiling lighting more elegant.

● Different sizes of led panel light for your options. Diversity in shape: square, rectangle.

● Easy to install. Ideal to be built into system ceilings, offices, and can be used as a suspended light fixture.

● LED panel light has high efficiency, maximum uniformity by Mitsubishi light guide plates.

● LED panel light directly replaces T8 and T5 fixtures.

● The beam angle of this LED panel light is 160°

● Innovative structure heating design.

● EVA foam protects the panel guide plate from reshaping.

● Constant current driver with a power factor of more than 0.9.

● IP Rating is IP44,IP54, IP65 for option.

● Waterproof lock cable DC plug for this panel light.

3-5 years warranty with full support during warranty claims and subsequent repairs or replacements.No need send broken products back

We guarantee all of the technical data on our brochure and data sheets are authentic and accurate with no exaggeration.

Application of IP65&IP67 LED panel lights:

Waterproof LED panels are mostly used in the places of home & hotels’ bathrooms, Kitchens, car-wash shops, boats, underground parking lots, outdoor corridors and some special lighting projects.


Avoid the minefields,strong magnetic field and high-voltage area;

Ensure a solid connection correctly in order to avoid short-circurt damage to components and trigger fires;

Install in a well-ventilated place to ensure appropriate environmental temperature;

Please check local voltage in accordance with the product requirements before using the product;

To prohibit the live wiring for LED panel light, check to confirm the wiring correct, confirm no short-circuit and then power on;

In case of failures,contact us for maitanience.



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