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Modular LED street lights

  • 50W,100W, 120W,150W, 200W, 240W
  • Integral structure, structural performance and stability
  • Philips light, high stability, High CRI
  • Meanwell/ Sosen high quality driver.
  • Has a unique second optical design, effectively improve the efficiency of light
  • Daylight sensor function ,which is new design and more smart street lights, meet the
  • development of smart road lighting system and also perform modernizing city lighting requirements.
  • Can be above 160lm per watt.
  • 7 years warranty
    • Product Detail
    • Tech Specification

    Product Features:

    LED modular street lights:

    • The light source junction temperature rise control is low.
    • power supply reliability is good with MW or Sosan Driver.
    • The protection level of lamps is high; potential risks caused by low protection levels, light decay caused by dust adsorbed on the glass surface of lamps, sulfides in automobile exhaust corrosive to optical silica gel or lenses on the surface of light sources, and humid air attack circuit boards.
    • Electrical safety: Separate design of light source cavity, power supply cavity, and installation cavity without mutual interference.
    • Structural safety: The strength and rigidity of the lamp and its connecting parts are guaranteed under wind load / driving vibration.
    • Heat dissipation reliability: The connection between the light source module and the heat sink must be reliable to ensure uniform heat distribution and low temperature rise, and there should be no dust accumulation on the fin teeth to cause heat dissipation problems.
    • Effectiveness of light distribution: Under the premise of good glare control and no reduction in light efficiency and utilization rate of the light source, the current widespread ground shadow (zebra crossing) phenomenon should be eliminated; the front side of the lamp should be streamlined to avoid light decay caused by oil accumulation.
    • Modeling practicability: The appearance / modeling design of the lamps should avoid birds nesting easily, especially some lamps with street lamp heads deep into the green belt and trees.
    • Modeling compatibility and operability: different external modeling installation interfaces should be reserved for lamps to ensure compatibility with different styles.
    • Application durability: All materials of the lamp must be tested against UV / aging.

    Advantages of modular LED street lights 

    The trend of modularization of outdoor lamps has become more and more obvious in recent years. In terms of the convenience of production, the ease of assembly, and the convenience of replacement, the advantages of modularization are relatively advanced.

    Advantages of modular outdoor LED street light fixtures:

    • From the perspective of cost, the cost of modularized lamps is lower. Because it is a standardized product, it can achieve large-scale production and the cost can be directly reduced.
    • From the waterproof point of view, the modularized lamps and lanterns are controlled from the design source, and the terminals, plugs and rubber rings are designed according to IP67.
    • From the perspective of maintenance, modularized lamps realize the standardization and unification of spare parts. On-site maintenance and repair are convenient and fast, which makes the maintenance of street lamps easier and the maintenance costs lower.
    • In terms of lighting schemes, modular luminaires can implement different optical lighting schemes on the same shape, suitable for different roads, and only need to replace the lens with the same size and different light distribution.

    The design of modular LED street lights can provide enterprises with more choices, variable shapes and simple installation.

    Customers can choose to purchase the whole lamp or purchase modules.  Because it is a standardized design, thus it can be installed on different lamp housings, quickly providing customers with customized products .


    Power 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W 240W
    Model No. UL-SL.B50 UL-SL.B80 UL-SL.B100 UL-SL.B120 UL-SL.B150 UL-SL.B200 UL-SL.B240
    SPD 10-12KV 10-12KV 10-12KV 10-12KV 10-12KV 10-12KV 10-12KV
    Lumens/W: >160lm/W >160lm/W >160lm/W >160lm/W >160lm/W >160lm/W >160lm/W
    Voltage: AC100-277V,AC200-240V, 50/60Hz
    Color CCT: 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K 3000-6500K
    CRI: 70Ra/80Ra 70Ra/80Ra 70Ra/80Ra 70Ra/80Ra 70Ra/80Ra 70Ra/80Ra 70Ra/80Ra
    IP rate: IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
    Materials: 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 Aluminum
    Dimension 390*278*60mm 460*278*60mm 512*280*60mm 512*280*60mm 602*278*60mm 705*278*60mm 705*278*60mm
    Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years


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